AddOns Page

Here you can find all the available add-ons for different versions of Virtual NanoLab (VNL) for download as ZIP files. 

Normally you can just updated the addons by clicking the "Update" button in the AddOn Manager in VNL. If, however, you are behind a firewall that prevents VNL from accessing the add-on server directly, you can instead download the add-on from here and install it manually, following the steps outlined below. 



  1. Download the add-on from the lists below.
  2. Open VNL and click the "Help" button on the toolbar.
  3. Choose "AddOn Manager" - a window pops up (see above).
  4. Click the button "Install zip/folder".
  5. Navigate to the downloaded zip file and install it.
  6. Important: Restart VNL to activate the new add-on.

For more details about addons you can check the FAQs page here.