Request your free license for VNL

If you work as an academic researcher at a university, high school, or similar (not including government labs), you can obtain a free, perpetual license for Virtual NanoLab by filling out this form.


  • The free VNL license for academics does not include the ATK-DFT, ATK-SE, ATK-VASP, and the ATK-FHIAims packages (see below).
  • The free VNL license for academics does include the ATK-ForceField package.
  • You must provide your academic email address, which will be verified against a database. GMail, Yahoo, and other general emails are not permitted.
  • The license is locked to one machine, and you must specify its MAC address on the form. Click here for instructions on how to find it.


  • The free VNL license may not be used for any commercial purposes.
  • You can cite VNL in your publications with "Virtual NanoLab version XXXX.X, QuantumWise A/S (".
  • At most 3 free licenses can be issued to the same email address.
  • No ATK licenses are included, thus you cannot perform any calculations with the free license. Click here to request a 30-day trial license for the full functionality in ATK/VNL.
  • No licenses for the VASP AddOns are included.
  • A perpetual VNL license will be issued which covers versions 2017.

Javascript is required to use this form.

Temporary unavailable

On September 18th 2017 Synopsys acquired QuantumWise (link to the official press release). Because of this the free NanoLab license for academics is currently suspended, while we are working on a new implementation to comply policies and procedures at Synopsys.

We do not yet have a timeline for when it will be reactivated, so please monitor our website or follow us on our social media channels, Twitter or LinkedIn, to have live updates on the situation.


Click the image above to be directed to Synopsys EVAL Portal