Request your free license for VNL

If you work as an academic researcher at a university, high school, or similar (not including government labs), you can obtain a free, perpetual license for Virtual NanoLab by filling out this form.


  • The free VNL license for academics does not include the ATK-DFT, ATK-SE, ATK-VASP, and the ATK-FHIAims packages (see below).
  • The free VNL license for academics does include the ATK-ForceField package.
  • You must provide your academic email address, which will be verified against a database. GMail, Yahoo, and other general emails are not permitted.
  • The license is locked to one machine, and you must specify its MAC address on the form. Click here for instructions on how to find it.


  • The free VNL license may not be used for any commercial purposes.
  • You can cite VNL in your publications with "Virtual NanoLab version XXXX.X, QuantumWise A/S (".
  • At most 3 free licenses can be issued to the same email address.
  • No ATK licenses are included, thus you cannot perform any calculations with the free license. Click here to request a 30-day trial license for the full functionality in ATK/VNL.
  • No licenses for the VASP AddOns are included. Such a license costs €500 ($600) for academic users (perpetual license).
  • A perpetual VNL license will be issued which covers versions 2015 and 2016.

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