Don't have your own cluster? Don't worry - QuantumWise provides cloud-based access to ATK on high-performance resources with a pay-as-you-go licensing scheme!

Atomistix ToolKit On-Demand

QuantumWise, in partnership with Sabalcore Computing, Inc., is offering a flexible and cost-effective new model to run ATK in the cloud. You get access to state-of-the-art parallel hardware and on-demand licenses for ATK in a single, convenient solution.

To take advantage of this approach for running ATK, all you need is a license for Virtual NanoLab and an ATK On-Demand account on Sabalcore. Then you can submit jobs directly from the Job Manager in VNL on Sabalcore's cluster, using anywhere from just a few to several hundred cores to run both small or very demanding jobs.

  Sign up today for a free trial on Sabalcore and get 150 core-hours free runtime + license for ATK!

Pay-as-you-go licensing model

There is no additional up-front cost to using ATK On-Demand licensing, except that you need to have a license for VNL (which is free for academic users). Your utilization of ATK will be directly billed by Sabalcore per core-hour in combination with the hardware usage. After the free evaluation period, you can choose to continue using ATK via fixed price packages, or pay as you go by the core-hour.


  Computer time and ATK On-Demand licenses are included in all options.
  Pre-paid volume packages are also available - contact QuantumWise or Sabalcore for detailed pricing.

HPC On-Demand

Besides the flexible cost model of an on-demand license, the other main aspect of ATK On-Demand is easy and direct access to large-scale high-performance computational (HPC) resources. If you do not have your own cluster, you can still harness the full power of ATK by running on Sabalcore instead of your own laptop or workstation - the runtime of most calculations can be reduced by anywhere from 2x to 100x or more by running ATK in parallel.

Key features of Sabalcore's hardware offering

  • Bare metal performance (no virtualized processors, no hyperthreading) on best-of-breed multi-core CPUs for the best performance possible
  • Compute nodes with 8 GB RAM per core
  • Infiniband interconnect for optimal parallel execution and high-performance parallel storage for accelerated file I/O and increased performance
  • Free login Nodes (no additional charge for time on login nodes) and free file transfer
  • Optimized for ATK: ATK is built and tuned for Sabalcore's HPC systems
  • Fully managed environment: HPC software and system support from one place

Easy setup and cluster job submission

The setup process is easy - just click the link above.ATK is already installed on the cluster in a fully parallel environment, ready to be used without need for any user configuration. Once your account is active, submitting jobs on Sabalcore is very easy via a specific Job Manager plugin. The Job Manager fully automates the process of running calculations in parallel on the cluster, and all results are copied back to the local computer for analysis and post-processing.


More information

Contact QuantumWise or Sabalcore for detailed pricing and more information.

Note: ATK On-Demand is not available to customers from all countries in the world.