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NOTE: If you have already a license, you can download VNL and ATK here.

If you do not have a license, try one of the four options below
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15-Day Demo License

Download and run VNL and ATK

Just download and install the software. The first time VNL is started, a demo license for 15 days will automatically be downloaded, and you can try all features of the software - no questions asked. After the 15-day demo period expires, you may apply for an extended trial license (see "Extended Trial Period" on the right).
Note: You need an internet connection, and not be behind a firewall. Otherwise, apply for a trial license (the option on the right).
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Extended Trial Period

30-day free trial

Sign up for a 30-day free trial with e-mail support. Apply for the trial license by clicking the "Sign up" link below to get to the form, where you will need to fill out your verifiable and complete contact details.
Note: This is the recommended option for industrial users.

Free Academic License

For VNL & ATK-ForceField

If you work as an academic researcher at a university, high school, or similar (not including government labs), you can obtain a free, perpetual license for Virtual NanoLab by clicking the link below to fill out the relevant form. ATK-ForceField package is included for free as well. However, ATK-DFT, ATK-SE and the VASP plugins are not included.
Note: An academic email address is strictly required.
ATK On-Demand

Pay-as-you-go cloud license

All you need is a license for VNL and an ATK On-Demand account, then use the Job Manager in VNL to submit jobs directly to the remote cluster. This gives you the option to execute small or very demanding jobs, using anything from just a few to several hundred cores, without having to commit to any up-front payment of the license fees.
This option is ideal if you do not have your own cluster - and also if you have license/cluster but need to boost your capacity temporarily.