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Questions and Answers / Re: Building 6H-SiC Question
« Last post by NW on Yesterday at 23:49 »
I have a general question about this topic. When we are talking about for example Moissanite–4H SiC, what is the meaning of 4H?
You can use the .configuration(gate_source_voltage, drain_source_voltage) method.

See more on the manual page:
Dear all,
    How to get SCF configuration files by using the IVCharacteristics study object?
This is what we have at the moment.
Ghost atoms are supposed to correct for wave function tail in the vacuum region, because the localized basis functions are short-range in QuantumATK. The ghost atoms provide atomic orbitals in the vacuum that can accommodate some charge. This charge decay quickly into the vacuum region.

Since the ghost atoms are in the vacuum, they give some correction to quantum, coherent tunneling of charge carriers through the vacuum spacer. 
Having the ghost atoms has nothing to do with hopping mechanism for the electron transport.
What is the charge transfer mechanism that is followed in ghost atoms in M-I-S-M device structure? That is Metal- Insulator- Space(ghost atoms)- Metal devices. Is it any kind of tunneling like direct/FN or charge hopping?
But there is no usage example
Questions and Answers / Re: Broadening @ Opt. Spctrm.
« Last post by Petr Khomyakov on October 13, 2018, 18:51 »
Please take a look at Notes in the reference manual, Its role is somewhat similar to that of broadening of DOS. In fact, Optical Spectrum is largely determined by electronic DOS.
Questions and Answers / Re: spin dependent Seebeck
« Last post by sayantanu on October 13, 2018, 15:40 »
Thanks a lot.
Questions and Answers / Broadening @ Opt. Spctrm.
« Last post by Dipankar Saha on October 13, 2018, 13:24 »
What is role of broadening in order to obtain "Optical Spectrum" ?  How the default value is set to  0.1 eV?

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