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  • Largest ATK SemiEmpirical simulation ever published: 15,000 atoms Hits 6551

    Jan 19 2016

    A new paper has been published by researchers at Tokyo University of Science on "Carrier localization length in edge-disordered graphene nanoribbons with sub-100 nm length". It uses ATK-SemiEmpirical (Slate-Koster tight binding) for the calculations and has over 15,000 atoms included in one system. As far as we know, this is the largest system ever studied with ATK-SE!

  • New ATK paper on first-principles method for electron-phonon coupling and electron mobility Hits 6491

    Jan 18 2016

    A new ATK paper has been published in a collaboration between QuantumWise and DTU Nanotech, with the title "First-principles method for electron-phonon coupling and electron mobility: Applications to two-dimensional materials".

  • New portal is online! Hits 5521

    Jan 06 2016

    A new portal for ATK and VNL documentation is now online, including tutorials, manuals, case studies, and much more.

  • Happy holidays to all friends of VNL, ATK, and QuantumWise Hits 5049

    Dec 21 2015

    QuantumWise is very happy to wish all of you very happy holidays, and we look forward to talking to all of you again in 2016.

  • Brand new tutorial on topological insulators Hits 5702

    Dec 21 2015

    The Bi2Se3 material is a 3D strong topological insulator, and you can use ATK to show this using first-principles modeling! Learn how to use DFT with spin-orbit coupling to calculate the topologically protected surface states and investigate spin-circles on the Dirac cone.

  • Combined experimental and theoretical study on ATO/Pt interface for PEM fuel cell applications Hits 5242

    Dec 17 2015

    A new combined experimental and theoretical study publised on ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces is now available online at this link:

  • New study on the effects of strain on the electronic structure of germanium Hits 5421

    Dec 09 2015

    A new scientific paper has been published in Computational Materials Science 112, 263 (2016)  in a collaboration between QuantumWise, the University of Bremen, and Stanford University.
    The paper is titled "The effects of uniaxial and biaxial strain on the electronic structure of germanium", doi:10.1016/j.commatsci.2015.10.023.

  • Bugfix update VNL-ATK 2015.1 available Hits 7101

    Dec 01 2015

    The 2015.1 update for Virtual NanoLab and Atomistix ToolKit is now available for download. This release fixes a few smaller and larger bugs.

  • QuantumWise will be at the IWSPD 2015 conference in Bangalore Hits 4744

    Nov 27 2015

    QuantumWise will be present at the IWSPD 2015 conference in Bangalore, India on December 7-10, 2015, and CEO Kurt Stokbro will give an invited talk with the title "Atomic-scale modelling for device and process simulation". The talk will take place on Wednesday 9th at 11:00 in Hall 2 of the J N Tata Auditorium.

  • Spin-orbit coupling study on Bi2Se3 topological insulator Hits 5513

    Nov 23 2015

    A new scientific paper has been published in Physics Review B in a collaboration between QuantumWise and the University of Delaware, with the title "Nonequilibrium spin texture within a thin layer below the surface of current-carrying topological insulator Bi2Se3: A first-principles quantum transport study".

  • QuantumWise is a 2015 Gazelle company! Hits 6188

    Nov 18 2015

    QuantumWise is very happy to announce that we have been elected a 2015 Gazelle company by the Danish newspaper Børsen.

  • Virtual NanoLab (VNL) is now free for academic users! Hits 20026

    Nov 06 2015

    QuantumWise is happy to announce that Virtual NanoLab (VNL) is now free for academic users!

  • Scientific paper using ATK in collaboration with III-V-MOS partners Hits 4695

    Nov 05 2015

    Our latest study on III–V semiconductor quantum wells which provides a rigorous assessment of III–V semiconductor band structure calculation methods and calibrated band parameters for device simulations will be published in Solid-State Electronics.

  • ATK-VNL Workshop in Wuhan, China Hits 4435

    Nov 05 2015

    On 23rd of October, CEO Kurt Stokbro did a VNL-ATK workshop at Huazhong University of Science & Technology in Wuhan, China.

  • VNL-ATK 2015 released Hits 16814

    Oct 21 2015

    Welcome to Virtual NanoLab and Atomistix ToolKit 2015! This newest version of the QuantumWise atomic-scale modeling platform contains a fantastic set of performance updates (in particular for parallel execution) and many exciting new features, like electron-phonon interaction, a new Job Manager, and a long range of analysis functions for molecular dynamics simulations, just to mention a few.

  • Collaboration with Aalborg University to improve the user experience of our products Hits 4857

    Oct 16 2015

    Throughout the rest of the year, QuantumWise is doing a collaboration with a group of master students from Aalborg University in order to improve the user experience of our homepage as well as Virtual NanoLab.

  • QuantumWise will be at the CECAM workshop Development of next generation accurate approximate DFT/B methods Hits 4537

    Oct 07 2015

    Kurt Stokbro will be at the CECAM workshop Development of next generation accurate approximate DFT/B methods in Bremen, Germany on October 11-15, 2015.

  • Three open positions at QuantumWise Hits 5593

    Sep 03 2015

    QuantumWise is now seeking new scientific team members for the development and support teams in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • QuantumWise will be at the ESSCIRC/ESSDERC conference Hits 4844

    Sep 01 2015

    Quantumwise will participate in the ESSCIRC/ESSDERC conference in Graz, Austria, on 14-18 September 2015. Troels Markussen and Umberto Martinez Pozzoni will give a hands-on tutorial on September 18th at 13:45 with the title “Demonstration and hands-on tutorial of atomic-scale simulation with ATK".

  • QuantumWise will be at the Psi-k 2015 conference in San Sebastian, Spain Hits 5973

    Jul 29 2015

    QuantumWise will be at the Psi-k 2015 conference in San Sebastian, Spain, from 6th to 10th of September. Kurt Stokbro will give a talk on Monday 7th and on Thursday 10th there will be a VNL hands-on tutorial.

  • QuantumWise will be at Carbonhagen 2015 Hits 5664

    Jul 29 2015

    QuantumWise will go to the Carbonhagen 2015 6th symposium on carbon and related nanomaterials in Copenhagen 13-14th of August. Anders Blom will give a short presentation on August 13th in the afternoon, and we will also have a booth during the symposium, where you can have a chat with Jess and Umberto about our software.

  • Update VNL-ATK 2014.3 released Hits 8394

    Jul 21 2015

    An update VNL-ATK 2014.3 is now available for download. The new version introduces a variety of bug fixes.

  • QuantumWise will be at SISPAD 2015 in Washington, DC Hits 5710

    Jul 16 2015

    Anders Blom will give a talk about First-Principles Simulations of Nanoscale Transistors at SISPAD 2015, which takes place in Washington, DC, from the 9th to 11th of September.

  • QuantumWise will be at the International Symposium on Nanoengineered Composites in Roskilde, Denmark Hits 5018

    Jun 29 2015

    QuantumWise will be present at the International Symposium on Nanoengineered Composites on July 15-17 in Roskilde, Denmark, where Julian Schneider will give a talk about Atomic-scale simulations of mechanical and thermal properties of composite materials using the Atomistic ToolKit (ATK). Julian's talk takes place on Thursday, July 16 from 11:30-11:50.

  • QuantumWise will be at IEEE Nano 2015 in Rome Hits 5047

    Jun 19 2015

    QuantumWise will be at the IEEE Nano 2015 conference in Rome, Italy from 27th to 30th of July.

    You will be able to participate in the hands-on tutorial by Umberto Martinez, which will be held on Monday the 27th from 16:00-19:00 in Room 8, with the title "Multiscale atomistic simulations with Atomistix Toolkit". Please see the detailed description below.

  • QuantumWise will be at Nanotech France 2015 in Paris Hits 5484

    Jun 08 2015

    Umberto Martinez will give a talk about Transport Properties of Nanoscale TFET by Atomic Scale Simulations at Nanotech France 2015, which takes place in Paris, France, from 15th to 17th of June. Umberto's talk will be held in the Session III: Nano Electronics on Tuesday the 16th from 11.15.

  • QuantumWise will be at the CECAM workshop Future Technologies in Automated Atomistic Simulations in Lausanne Hits 4844

    May 27 2015

    Kurt Stokbro will give an invited talk at the CECAM workshop about Future Technologies in Automated Atomistic Simulations, which takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland, from the 8th to the 10th of June. The talk has the title Virtual NanoLab, an extendible materials simulation platform, and will be held on Monday the 8th in the morning.

  • QuantumWise will be at CMOS Emerging Technologies Research in Vancouver Hits 4502

    May 15 2015

    Anders Blom will give an invited talk at the CMOS Emerging Technologies Research conference in Vancouver, Canada, which takes place from 20-22 of May. Anders' talk will be on Wednesday at 10:30 am and has the title First-principles Simulations of Semiconductor Materials and Devices - Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges.

  • Patrick Scaglia enters QuantumWise board of directors Hits 6155

    Feb 18 2015

    Silicon Valley top executive assesses the huge market potential of Danish nanotech software

    Former Vice President of Hewlett-Packard and Cadence Patrick Scaglia is a new member of the board of the Danish company QuantumWise A/S, whose products are used today by the world's electronics giants for computer simulations of new electronic circuits on the nanoscale.

  • Survey from QuantumWise Hits 5427

    Feb 02 2015

    A survey was sent out over the weekend to a large number of ATK and Virtual NanoLab users, mainly to persons who requested a trial license.

    We hereby confirm that the email is not spam, and it is correct that you can obtain an extended trial license by completing the survey.

    The survey was formulated by a small group of master students from Judge Business School in Cambridge, UK, who work as consultants for QuantumWise. Unfortunately, they didn't double-check the content of the email and survey with us before sending it out, resulting in a misspelling of Virtual NanoLab throughout the email and survey, and other minor mistakes.

    Despite these unfortunate mistakes we appreciate all completed forms, which we can use to improve the quality and user experience of our products. If you have additional questions about the survey, please contact .

  • Update VNL-ATK 2014.2 released Hits 9427

    Jan 13 2015

    An update to VNL-ATK 2014 is now available for download. The new version introduces a wide variety of smaller bug fixes, and some improved features.

  • Happy holidays! Hits 5608

    Dec 20 2014

    QuantumWise gives you some tools to enjoy a peaceful holiday time with you family...

  • First paper published with ATK noncollinear calculations Hits 6030

    Nov 14 2014

    Researchers from California and Singapore recently published a paper on Magnetocrystalline anisotropy and switching magnetic tunnel junctions using ATK for noncollinear transport calculations. (Zhaoqiang Bai, Lei Shen, Yongqing Cai, Qingyun Wu1, Minggang Zeng, Guchang Han & Yuan Ping Feng, New J. Phys. 16 (2014) 103033).

  • Explore LAMMPS trajectories with Virtual NanoLab Hits 5307

    Nov 06 2014

    Did you visit the tutorial section called Virtual NanoLab for other codes? If you do now, you will find two categories: Virtual NanoLab for VASP and the new category: Virtual NanoLab for LAMMPS.

  • AddOn updates for VNL 2014 Hits 5786

    Oct 21 2014

    Two addons have been updated for VNL 2014.

  • VNL-ATK 2014 released Hits 17301

    Oct 12 2014

    VNL-ATK 2014 is now available for download. The new release introduces a wide variety of new and improved features.

  • New website and new tutorials Hits 5096

    Oct 08 2014

    QuantumWise proudly presents in a new design. The core reasons to relaunch the web site were to increase usability and to strenghen the corporate identity of QuantumWise online. Especially, we wanted to make it easier how to find relevant tutorials! Now the new homepage is here with lots of new tutorials too, so please check them out.

  • Improved initial guess for Nudged Elastic Band calculations Hits 5455

    Aug 12 2014

    Check out the paper "Improved initial guess for minimum energy path calculations" J. Chem. Phys. 140, 214106 (2014) by Søren Smidstrup, Andreas Pedersen, Kurt Stokbro and Hannes Jónsson which is available on-line!

  • FermiTech is new Chinese distributor Hits 5390

    Jun 20 2014

    FermiTech (Beijing) Co. Ltd. has been appointed as the new and official distributor for Atomistix Toolkit (ATK) and Virtual Nanolab (VNL) in China.

  • ATK/VNL distribution in China Hits 4549

    Jun 05 2014

    Beijing Hongcam Software Technologies Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries are no longer authorized to sell or support Atomistix Toolkit (ATK) and Virtual Nanolab (VNL) with immediate effect. A new distributor for China will be announced shortly.

    In the meantime, for any queries from users in China, kindly contact directly.

  • Virtual NanoLab installed on 6 continents Hits 5049

    Jun 05 2014

    Recently, QuantumWise closed its first sale on the African continent, and this means that Virtual NanoLab and Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) is now installed on 6 continents. The QuantumWise succes story is also the story of how the research area of atomistic modeling is emerging world-wide.

  • QuantumWise "Tour de France" Hits 4641

    Apr 30 2014

    From Toulouse to Lille and Paris - France here we come!

  • QuantumHagen: Workshop on Modeling of Electronic Devices and Materials at the Nanoscale Hits 6580

    Apr 07 2014

     Abstract deadline has been extended to 1st of May. Visit the QuantumHagen website

  • Get the most out of ATK 13.8 Hits 5603

    Mar 19 2014

    Check out the 12 new tutorials and explore the new and enhanced features of ATK. Learn how to use the Crystal Builder and do Noncollinear spin calculations with ATK. Spice up your presentations with videos of NEB and MD and get glimpse from booth 630 at The American Chemical Society Spring Meeting.

  • ATK 13.8.1 update Hits 12075

    Feb 20 2014

    An updated version of ATK 13.8 is available for download. A few somewhat serious bugs have been fixed, in addition to several minor ones, and there are also some new features!

  • Free ATK Workshop at ACS Spring Meeting Hits 5186

    Feb 10 2014

    QuantumWise will attend the American Chemical Society Spring Meeting in Dallas, Texas.

    Meet us at Booth 630, get a demo and sign up for the free workshop.

  • Atomistix ToolKit Semi-Empirical (ATK-SE) Hits 4213

    Jan 12 2014

    ATK-SE sets a new standard for nanoscale device simulations! Faster than DFT, allowing for larger systems, and featuring a unique capability to calculate how electrostatic

  • QuantumWise in project to develop next generation semiconductor modeling tools Hits 4686

    Jan 06 2014

    Press release: New Computer Aided Design solutions to reduce cost and time to market of high performance energy efficient nanoelectronic technology

  • Article on interface studies with ATK Hits 4949

    Dec 10 2013

    A review article was recently published in JCEL on studies of interfaces between different materials with ATK.

  • New tutorials for ATK 13.8 Hits 5618

    Nov 28 2013

    To present some of the new features in ATK 13.8, we have published several new tutorials, on noncollinear spin, polarization of ferroelectronic materials, phonons, and how to do calculations with van der Waals interactions.

  • ATK 13.8 released Hits 16897

    Oct 23 2013

    ATK 13.8 released with many new features, among others Phonon calculations, IV-curves, Noncollinear spin, Bandstructure Analyzer, New 3D Viewer, and more...

  • Electron transport across a metal-organic interface Hits 5345

    Oct 04 2013

    The unique capability of ATK to simulate single interfaces between materials is demonstrated in our work on pentacene on Au(111) that was recently published in Physical Review B.

  • PhD Position at DTU Compute (Reopened) Hits 4539

    Sep 11 2013

    We are still looking for the right candidate for this position.

  • ATK 13.8 - preview version Hits 6809

    Aug 21 2013

    A preview version of ATK 13.8 is now available for download, with a long line of new features!

  • Watch video tutorials in your language Hits 4581

    Jun 14 2013

    To ease the communication for our users we now provide captions or subtitles for our video tutorials on YouTube. Our speaker tries to speak clearly, but if you don’t grasp what she says, you now have the possibility to turn on subtitles in English, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish and Chinese

  • Webinar - now on YouTube Hits 4671

    Jun 04 2013

    The recent webinar “Atomic-scale Modeling of Nanoelectronic Devices With Atomistix ToolKit”, presented by Anders Blom on May 28th, can now be watched on YouTube and YouKu. It is both available on the YouTube-channel of NNIN Michigan in full length, and on QuantumWiseTV in a slightly edited version. In addition, the slides are available on Slideshare.

  • Towards simulations of phonons Hits 4814

    May 30 2013

    QuantumWise and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will engage in a project over the next 3 years to extend the capabilities of ATK. The goal is to simulate large-scale nano-electronic devices, where electron-phonon coupling is taken into account.

  • Webinar about ATK at University of Michigan Hits 4468

    May 23 2013

    On May 28th, the NNIN node at the University of Michigan will organize a webinar about ATK, presented by Anders Blom.

  • Conference and ATK-seminar in Tokyo Hits 4529

    May 08 2013

    QuantumWise Japan and Tokyo University of Science are organising a joint conference on June 20.

    In conjunction with this, on June 21, QuantumWise Japan invites anyone interested in ATK for a hands-on training seminar at Suidobashi in Tokyo.

    Conference web page (in Japanese).

  • ATK 12.8.2 bug fix release Hits 9717

    Feb 27 2013

    A bug related to the license system has been discovered in 12.8.1. All customers using ATK 12.8.x must upgrade to ATK 12.8.2.

  • ATK 12.8.1 bug fix release Hits 9357

    Feb 07 2013

    The ATK 12.8.1 release fixes a few bugs, mostly harmless, except the one about large NetCDF files. All users should upgrade.

  • New hires at QuantumWise Copenhagen Hits 4700

    Jan 30 2013

    During the last 3 months, we have hired 3 new developers and one marketing person at our headquarters in Copenhagen. This will greatly increase the pace of deployment of new features in ATK, and also strengthen our online presence.

  • New mini-tutorials Hits 4365

    Jan 30 2013

    A couple of new mini-tutorials for ATK have been published recently, showing for instance how to calculate atomic-scale capacitance.

  • ATK 12.8 released Hits 11120

    Nov 30 2012

    After a long series of preview version, the final release of ATK 12.8 is now available for download, with a long line of new features!

  • ATK 12.8 - 2nd release candidate Hits 6110

    Nov 23 2012

    An updated preview of ATK 12.8 (12.8.r2) is now available for download.

  • New tutorials Hits 4438

    Nov 07 2012

    A couple of new tutorials for ATK have been published, on topics such as the reconstruction of a Si (100) surface, complex band structure calculations, and a study of a Si nanowire FET. Also, the VASP scripter tutorial has been updated.

  • QuantumWiseTV on YouTube and YouKu Hits 4487

    Nov 01 2012

    QuantumWise hereby announces the launch of QuantumWiseTV on YouTube and the Chinese video provider YouKu. Now ATK users all around the world can watch our video tutorials and get to know more features of the software.

  • ATK decorates the front page of EPJB Hits 1302

    Oct 26 2012

    QuantumWise congratulates Prof. Jing Lu, Hong Li, and co-workers from Peking University in Beijing, China for making the cover of the August edition of European Physical Journal B! The cover image, taken from their article “High performance silicene nanoribbon field effect transistors with current saturation” [EPJB 85(8), 274 (2012)] illustrates how good quality figures can bring extra attention to an article, and highlights the importance of having a good graphical user interface for visualizing the results of the calculations.

  • Reaching 600 publications with ATK Hits 5368

    Oct 10 2012

    The online database of articles published with ATK now has over 600 entries.

  • ATK 12.2.2 released Hits 8782

    Jul 03 2012

    ATK 12.2.2 is released to give users access to one new feature (charged electrodes), a performance and quality update to another one (complex band structure), and a few small bug fixes.

  • ATK 12.2.1 released Hits 8037

    Jun 11 2012

    ATK 12.2.1 is a bug-fix release, which solves a set of critical bugs and improves on a few plugins and other details.

  • Nickel-graphene article in PRB Hits 6679

    Apr 30 2012

    Every week several articles are published where ATK was used to perform the calculations - in fact, in 2011 there were over 150 publications based on ATK. You can read the abstracts of all these papers (as well as from earlier years - there are over 450 in total!) in our Publication List.

  • ATK 12.2 released Hits 11802

    Apr 23 2012

    The long-awaited brand new ATK 12.2 is now available for download. The most important new feature: a brand new Builder, that you can use to easily build very advanced nanostructures.

  • VASP interface Hits 10269

    Feb 10 2012

    A new tutorial about how to use ATK/VNL as a GUI for VASP has been published.

  • ATK 11.8.2, minor updates Hits 10213

    Dec 09 2011

    ATK 11.8.2 fixes a few minor problems in 11.8.1 and 11.8.0. There is no immediate reason to update unless you experience the specific problems indicated below.

  • ATK 11.8.1, minor updates Hits 5699

    Nov 21 2011

    ATK 11.8.1 fixes a few minor problems in 11.8.0. There is no immediate reason to update unless you experience the specific problems indicated below.

  • ATK 11.8 released Hits 12934

    Nov 08 2011

    We are very happy to announce the official release of ATK 11.8.0.

  • Press release: QuantumWise establishes subsidiary in Japan Hits 5611

    Oct 07 2011

    Copenhagen/Tokyo, 7 October 2011

    QuantumWise A/S today announces

    • the establishment of a new subsidiary, QuantumWise Japan KK, to serve the Japanese market, and
    • the launch of a collaborative study with Tokyo University of Science about the design and applications of nanodevice simulations, specifically regarding AC response and thermoelectric materials.
  • New tutorial on Au-DTB Hits 5803

    Aug 31 2011

    A new tutorial has been published, showing how to use ATK for advanced analysis of a molecular device.

  • ATK 11.2.3 Hits 9880

    May 17 2011

    ATK 11.2.3 fixes several minor problems in 11.2.x.

  • ATK 11.2.2 Hits 9901

    Apr 06 2011

    An update of ATK 11.2 has been released which fixes a problem in device density of states, and a few other things.

  • ATK 11.2.1 Hits 8498

    Mar 17 2011

    An update of ATK 11.2 has been released which fixes a few MPI problem.

  • ATK 11.2 released Hits 15576

    Mar 03 2011

    ATK 11.2 is now available. This constitutes a major upgrade of ATK 10.8, with a significant performance improvement while at the same time the calculations require substantially less memory. In addition, there are several new methods for analyzing the transport mechanisms in two-probe systems, and many other new features as well.

  • ATK for single-electron transistors Hits 7418

    Feb 01 2011

    An article showing how ATK can be used for calculating energy stability diagrams of single-electron transistors has been published.

  • Important update: ATK 10.8.2 Hits 10640

    Oct 04 2010

    An essential update for all users of ATK 10.8.x has been released. Users who are still using version 2008.10 are strongly encourarged to upgrade too!

  • Press release Hits 7431

    Sep 26 2010

    QuantumWise will collaborate with Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) to build a new nanotechnology modeling platform for the defense industry.

  • New address Hits 6630

    Aug 24 2010

    We have moved to new offices in the north of Copenhagen.

  • Article about ATK-SE Hits 7311

    Aug 23 2010

    An article describing how the extended Hückel model in ATK-SE works has been published in PRB.

  • ATK 10.8 released Hits 11349

    Jul 06 2010

    The final release of Atomistix ToolKit 10.8 is here!

  • First beta of ATK 10.8 Hits 7415

    Jun 17 2010

    The first beta release of Atomistix ToolKit 10.8 brings, for the first time, both the fully functional DFT and semi-empirical extended Hückel models together in one single, greatly improved interface.

  • New hire Hits 5823

    Jun 08 2010

    QuantumWise has recruited an additional scientist to work on the development of ATK since the beginning of June.

  • ATK 2010.02 2nd bug fix release Hits 5272

    Apr 07 2010

    Problems with relaxations and dielectric regions resolved.

  • ATK 2010.02 bug fix release Hits 6036

    Mar 12 2010

    A small bugfix release.

  • ATK 2010.02 released Hits 5492

    Mar 11 2010

    Finally runs on Redhat - and has forces for DFT!

  • ATK Training Workshop 25-26 February 2010 Hits 7827

    Feb 24 2010

    A free ATK training event was organized in California 25-26 February 2010.

  • ATK 2009.11.1 update Hits 7466

    Nov 17 2009

    Release of updated packages to fix some minor issues in the original 2009.11 version.

  • Presentation at metrology workshop Hits 18502

    Oct 16 2009

    QuantumWise CEO, Prof. Kurt Stokbro, will give an invited talk at the European Nanometrology Workshop 19-20 November 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany.

  • QuantumWise will present at graphene workshop Hits 10522

    Sep 15 2009

    QuantumWise will present an invited talk at the CECAM workshop 14-16 October on Computational Physics and Chemistry of Graphene.

  • Updated packages ATK 2009.06 Hits 8637

    Aug 07 2009

    An update of ATK SemiEmpirical (version 2009.06.2) is now available, which fixes a couple of issues both in the original packages and in the update 2009.06.1.

  • ATK 2009.06 released Hits 8090

    Jul 01 2009

    ATK Semi-Empirical 2009.06 sets a new standard for nanoscale device simulations! Faster than DFT, allowing for larger systems, and featuring a unique capability to calculate how electrostatic (metallic and dielectric) gates influence the electron transport.




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