Hands-on tutorial at IEEE Nano 2016 in Sendai, Japan

Aug 11 2016

QuantumWise Japan KK will participate in the IEEE Nano 2016 conference in Sendai, Japan, on August 22-25.
A VNL and ATK hands-on tutorial is organized on Monday 22nd at 9:30 AM.
Anders Blom will also give a talk with title "Atomistic Approach for Modeling Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces" at 11:30 on Thursday August 25, 2016 (ThAM15).

The ATK tutorial is titled: "Hands-on tutorial: Multiscale atomistic simulations with Atomistix Toolkit and Virtual NanoLab"

Abstract: Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) is a Nano-device simulator with unique functionality based on atomic-scale modeling, which can replace/complement current TCAD device simulators that use a continuum description. This is a hands-on tutorial and you can experience all the advanced software features which enable realistic simulations of nanoscale transistor structures.


  • Overview of Atomistix ToolKit and Virtual NanoLab
  • Exercise 1: MoS2 vibrational modes with ATK-Classical and ATK-DFT
  • Exercise 2: Transport properties of graphene nanoribbons
  • Exercise 3: Suggest your own system and calculation!

 Link: http://ieeenano2016.org/program/index.html#tutorial