Workshop and talks at E-MRS spring meeting

Apr 06 2016
QuantumWise will attend the E-MRS Spring Meeting in Lille, France May 2-6.
We invite all curious delegates at the E-MRS Spring Meeting to join QuantumWise at our workshop, talks and at both #99.


"Multi-scale atomistic simulations for battery applications with ATK and Virtual NanoLab"
Date and time: Thursday May 5, 9:30

Talk: "General atomistic approach for modeling metal-semiconductor interfaces using DFT-NEGF"

by Daniele Stradi
Date and time: Tuesday May 3, 14:45
Abstract #K.6.3
Semiconductors: Symposium K

Talk: "Effect of Sb segregation on conductance of Pt/Sb-Doped SnO2 interface"

by Umberto Martinez Pozzoni
Date and time: Wednesday May 4, 10:30
Abstract #U.IV.6
Energy: Symposium U

Visit QuantumWise at booth 99

At booth #99 Daniele and Umberto will be happy to answer questions about ATK and Virtual NanoLab and give a personal demo of our software.