QuantumWise will be at the DPG Spring Meeting in Regensburg, Germany

Feb 09 2016

QuantumWise will participate in the DPG Spring Meeting in Regensburg, Germany, on March 6-11.

You can find Umberto and Daniele at booth 23, which we will share with AQcomputare and Fraunhofer Institute SCAI, both of whom are partners in the Multimodel project.

Both Daniele and Umberto will give talks at the conference. You can find more information on the talks below.

Title: Effect of Sb segregation on conductance and catalytic activity at Pt/Sb-doped SnO2 interface: a synergetic computational and experimental study
Authors: Qiang Fu, Luis César Colmenares Rausseo, Umberto Martinez Pozzoni, Paul Inge Dahl, Juan Maria García Lastra, Per Erik Vullum, Ingeborg-Helene Svenum, Tejs Vegge
Day, time, and location: Mon, Mar 7 2016, 12:30-12:45, H39
Session number: MM 9.4
Serial number: MM 115

Title: General DFT+NEGF approach for modeling metal-semiconductor interfaces
Authors: Daniele Stradi, Umberto Martinez Pozzoni, Anders Blom, Mads Brandbyge, Kurt Stokbro
Day, time, and location: Thu, Mar 10 2016, 13:00-13:15, H17
Session number: HL 73.13
Serial number: HL 240