Learn about atomic-scale modeling with QuantumATK at Hannover Messe in Germany!

Apr 20 2018

Learn about atomic-scale modeling with QuantumATK at Hannover Messe, Germany, on 23-27 April.
Hannover Messe is the world's leading trade show for industrial technology.

QuantumATK will be presented by our collaborators Fraunhofer SCAI (Fraunhofer Institute of Algorithms and Scientific Calculations),  Jan Hamaekers, who develop the TremoloX Calculator for QuantumATK ForceField. Fraunhofer SCAI booth can be found in Hall 6, Stand A30.

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About the Force Field module

The ForceField module includes more than 300 built-in classical empirical potentials (ReaxFF, Tersoff, valence force fields, etc.) for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, metadynamics, Adaptive Monte Carlo (AKMC) and Nudged Elastic band (NEB) simulations. 

Use QuantumATK ForceField to simulate:

  • Thin Film Growth with Vapor Deposition
  • Microscopic Creep on Polycrsytalline Materials
  • Thermal Transport in Crystals and Nanostructures
  • Simulating Glasses
  • Diffusion Kinetics

The ForceField module also provides a fast way to compute the phonon properties of a material, which can be used in calculations of electron-phonon scattering, mobility, and mechanical and thermal properties.