Meet us at Argent Conference - Registration deadline - Jan 7th!

Jan 03 2018

Meet Julian Schneider from Synopsys QuantumWise at the International Conference Argent - Advanced Radiotherapy, Generated by Exploiting Nanoprocesses and Technologies. The registration deadline is January 7th! The conference will take place at CNRS, Univ. Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris region), France, 22-24 Jan, 2018. You can find the topmost invited speakers here.

Julian will present our work on Atomistic Simulations of Coated Gold Nanoparticles in Physiological Environment.

Abstract: Nanoparticles have been identified as a promising approach to enhance the efficacy of radiation based cancer treatment. Investigations of the exact underlying mechanisms that contribute to a better radiosensitivity within tumours are often limited by a lack of insight in the exact atomic details of the interactions between the particle and its surroundings in a physiological environment. In this talk we will present approaches how atomistic simulations using the Synopsys QuantumWise Virtual NanoLab (VNL) and the Atomistix Toolkit (ATK) can be used to help elucidating and understanding some of these details. We focus in particular on the coating of gold nanoparticles with biomolecules and point out a route how the equilibrium coverage with these molecules can be predicted based molecular dynamics simulations.

Synopsys QuantumWise is part of the intersectorial and multidisciplinary ITN (Initial Training Network) Argent. The aim of Argent is "to create a new generation of researchers and experts able to develop and propose to the society new tools and concepts for the improvement of cancer therapy treatments’’.

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About Argent Conference

Cancer remains a major European health concern. More than 50% of patients receive radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment. The main limitations of this treatment are the lack of tumour selectivity, which causes severe side effects, and the radioresistance of tumours. Highly promising approaches to improve the performances of radiation-based therapies include advanced radiation protocols (such as fast ion beam radiation or ultra-high-dose rate radiation) and nanoparticles-enhanced therapies.

This international conference brings together World leading researchers of different disciplines: physicists and medical physicists, chemists, biologists, medical doctors and SMEs with the aim of presenting their results of exploiting and understanding the nanoscale processes, towards the development and optimization of new nanodrugs together with novel radiation protocols – a high-excellence effort that should lead to a new era for radiotherapy with subsequent economic and quality of life benefits for the population.


Biological effect of nanoparticles combined with photon or particle therapy

Elementary mechanisms and nanodosimetry

Nanomaterials for radiation-based cancer therapies

Simulations of radiation effects

Medical and industrial perspectives