Bugfix update VNL-ATK 2017.2

Nov 02 2017

A bugfix update to VNL-ATK 2017 has been released (version 2017.2). 

Download the update from http://quantumwise.com/products/download as usual. Your license for 2017.0 will work for this version too.

For more information about VNL-ATK 2017, see the original release letter.

2017.2 updates

This update contains only a couple of fixed bugs and  an updated EULA (End-User License Agreement) to reflect that QuantumWise is now part of Synopsys.
Learn why QuantumWise becoming part of Synopsys is a big step forward for atomic scale modeling!

(The number in parenthesis on each line is our internal tracking number.)

Fixed bugs and other changes

  • Added forgotten Effective Mass plugin (23481)
  • Corrected the total energy in a LCAO spin-orbit calculation with processes_per_kpoint > 1 (22862)
  • ATK PlaneWave: BlochState only had periodic part, without phase (22772)
  • Updated EULA to reflect that QuantumWise is now part of Synopsys