Meet us at the E-MRS Fall Meeting in Warsaw! Training at the EMMC workshop, presentation of QW, ATK and VNL and two contributed scientific talks

Sep 11 2017

QuantumWise will be at the E-MRS Fall Meeting (European Materials Research Society) in Warsaw, Poland on  18 Sep - 21 Sep.

There will be so many opportunities to meet! Petr and Daniele from QuantumWise will provide training at the EMMC workshop, present QuantumWise, ATK and VNL at the Exhibitor Symposium and give two scientific contributed talks (see information below).


emrs fall

1. Training at the EMMC workshop

Daniele will give an impulse presentation on collaboration with industry, integration of metadynamics/PLUMED package into ATK and provide training - live-demo during which the participants will be encouraged to install ATK/VNL and try it on their own laptop. 

Title: "Solving industrial problems using the Virtual Nano Lab: a collaborative approach to translation"
Date: 18 Sep (Monday)
Scheduled Time: Impulse presentation during the EMMC Workshop (11.30) and training at the EMMC workshop (15.20)

2. Petr will be at the Exhibitor Symposium presenting QuantumWise and our products, VNL and ATK.

Date: 18 Sep (Monday)
Scheduled Time: 12.45
Location: Room 04, Main Building WUT

3. Scientific contributed talk by Petr Khomyakov

Title: "Temperature effect on tunneling magnetoresistance in Fe|MgO|Fe junctions (abstract)"
Date: 19 Sep (Tuesday)
Scheduled Time: 11.50
Session:  SPECIAL MATERIALS / F: Spintronics in semiconductors, 2D materials and topological insulators / Semiconductors IV (F.5.3)

4. Scientific contributed talk by Daniele Stradi

Title: "Efficient ab-initio device simulations including electron-phonon scattering and temperature effects" (abstract)
Date: 19 Sep (Tuesday)
Scheduled Time: 15.15
Session: MATERIALS AND DEVICES / L: Integration, metrology and technology CAD co-development for sub-10nm technology nodes / TCAD in advanced semiconductor devices (L.1.5)