VNL Workshop at the FHI Summer School

Mar 07 2017

QuantumWise will give the hands-on tutorial "Virtual NanoLab interface to FHI-aims" at the workshop: "Density-Functional Theory and Beyond: Accuracy, Efficiency and Reproducibility in Computational Materials Science” that will be held from July 31 to August 11, 2017, at Humboldt University Berlin.

This event introduces the basics and current developments in electronic-structure theory for researchers entering the field. Morning lectures will be given by renowned experts, complemented in the afternoons by practical exercises with computers to deepen selected topics. We cover:

Density-functional theory (DFT) and quantum-chemical approaches
The most important numerical implementations
Advanced exchange-correlation functionals (capabilities and limits!)
Electronic-structure theory “beyond traditional Kohn-Sham DFT” (including GW, TDDFT, many-body formalisms)
Ab initio molecular dynamics and nuclear quantum effects
Multiscale approaches
Machine learning applied to parametrization and dimensionality reduction
… and a wide range of other topics.

The QuantumWise hands-on tutorial will take place on Saturday 5 at 9-13, and has the title "Virtual NanoLab interface to FHI-aims".

Application and poster-abstract submission are now open until April 15, 2017. For space reasons, the number of participants will be limited to approximately 60. Acceptance decisions will be made soon after the deadline.

You can learn more, and apply for participation at the workshop website.