Meet QuantumWise's management team and board of directors

Kurt Stokbro (CEO)

Kurt Stokbro is Chief Executive Officer and founder of QuantumWise A/S. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the Technical University of Denmark in 1994, and was appointed associate professor at DTU 1995-2003. During this period his research group developed the underlying numerical methods for QuantumWise's products with support from the Danish Technical Scientific Research Council. He and Thomas Magnussen started the company Atomistix A/S in 2003, and Kurt started up Atomistix Inc., a US subsidiary in Silicon Valley. Both founders left Atomistix A/S in 2007, leaving the further development of the company to the investors. In 2009 they started QuantumWise A/S, which is independent of venture capital. In 2009 Kurt Stokbro was appointed Honorary Professor by the University of Copenhagen.


Anders Blom (CCO)

Anders Blom is Chief Customer Officer at QuantumWise, and heads the world-wide sales, marketing and support team. His job title should be taken very literally: it is Anders' role to be in constant contact with the company customers, to ensure that QuantumWise develops the relevant features they need, teach them how to use the software, and advise on how to use atomic-scale simulations as effectively as possible. Anders recevied his PhD in theoretical physics from Lund University, Sweden, in 2003, and is a specialist in applying quantum modeling to advanced semiconductor devices. He joined Atomistix A/S in 2004 and was part of the core team that started QuantumWise in 2009. Since 2017 Anders is heading the US subsidiary QuantumWise, Inc., located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Soren Smidstrup (CTO)

Soren Smidstrup is Chief Technology Officer at QuantumWise and has led the development of QuantumWise's software since 2009. He holds a Master in Physics from Aalborg University and has worked with commercial development of scientific software for 10 years. Soren is the chief architect of QuantumWise's software platform.

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Thomas Magnussen (Chairman)

Thomas Magnussen is chairman of QuantumWise A/S, Zylinc A/S and the listed company BioPorto A/S. During his career, Thomas Magnussen has primarily acted as a serial entrepreneur within IT and medical technology. Thomas Magnussen manages to combine technical knowledge with business acumen and has an undeniable talent for sales. A PhD from the Technical University of Denmark in 1980 in chemical engineering was followed by an MBA from INSEAD in France. In his subsequent international career he has crossed the globe more than 100 times in the development of his businesses. Thomas Magnussen's mantra is that you must both make money and have fun, and his large network and many successful projects prove his ability to realize this method with success. Thomas Magnussen resided in the US in the period 1995-2002. During the last 10 years Thomas Magnussen has had leading roles in the development of Zylinc A/S and QuantumWise A/S, turning business ideas into profitable companies with international perspective.

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Patrick Scaglia

Patrick Scaglia has been working with development of technology for business throughout his career in the software company Cadence and with the printer giant HP. He currently works as a consultant and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Foundry@CITRIS at UC Berkeley, where he advises entrepreneurs on start-up of companies working in the interface between hardware, software and services. He is a board member of QuantumWise A/S and the companies Audience and STOIC in Silicon Valley.

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Niels Christian Nielsen

Niels Christian Nielsen has throughout his career been an executive in knowledge-based businesses. Based in San Francisco and Copenhagen, he works today as a board member in more than 25 American and European companies, including 10 as chairman. Danish boards include 2M Invest (chairman), Unimerco, Codan, Zylinc and Jyllands Posten. He created and was executive director of Catenas Inc, and, before that member of the Executive Board of the Danish Technological Institute through the 1990s.
He has helped develop and implement major strategic projects worldwide, often in public-private cooperation, and he has advised governments on growth, innovation and competitiveness in Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and Turkey. He is a lecturer and co-author of books on networking, knowledge economy, innovation, education and management. He has a Master in Philosophy, is Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and Honorary Professor at Copenhagen Business School.

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Dan Meiland

Dan Meiland was a partner in Egon Zehnder International, the world's largest privately owned executive search firm for more than 28 years, and the last 15 years he has been chairman and CEO. Residing in New York, he was the head of 64 offices worldwide.
Dan Meiland was also employed in McKinsey and Co. and Kidder Peabody on Wall Street. He is chairman of Accelerace A/S and has been an angel investor in many start-up companies for over 40 years in a number of countries. Dan Meiland has an MBA from Harvard Business School.



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