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Here you can download the latest version of Atomistix ToolKit (ATK), whether you have a license or not.

The software contains a built-in demo-license that will last for 14 days.

Just choose the version that matches your operating system.


Atomistix ToolKit 13.8.1

The latest official version of ATK is 13.8.1, released 19 February 2014. For older versions, see below.

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Documentation & Guides



License tools for LM-X

A license toolkit for LM-X license servers is available. These tools are included in the regular ATK packages, but the separate toolkit can be used in cases where ATK itself will not be installed on the license server.

The license toolkit is provided as a binary installer (download the file and run it) for the following platforms:

Current version: 4.4.2 (compatible with ATK 13.8 and earlier). For preview versions of ATK 14.2 you need updated packages - contact support for details!

NOTE: The LM-X license server requires GLIBC 2.4. There is no GLIBC 2.3 version available.



Older versions

ATK 12.8.2

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