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Copenhagen, December 8, 2008

Dear Customers and Partners

I am proud and happy to announce that the newly started company QuantumWise A/S has acquired all assets from Atomistix A/S and will continue the marketing and development of the ATK/VNL product series.

I have been delighted to overview the excellent work of the Atomistix product development team, and the steady improvements in accuracy, performance, functionality, and ease of use of the products. This development will be continued by QuantumWise. In December we will release a new ATK and VNL version (2008.10). With the performance improvements achieved in this version, both in terms of memory usage and calculation time, it becomes possible to simulate the electrical properties of systems with more than 1,000 atoms even on a standard laptop. Read more!

To show our devotion to Atomistix customers, QuantumWise will honor all license agreements made with Atomistix and allow customers with an active license to upgrade to the new products released by QuantumWise.

I left Atomistix in the summer of 2007 together with my co-founder, Dr. Thomas Magnussen, due to disagreements with the board on the strategy. In QuantumWise, the Chairman Dr. Magnussen and I will manage the company with a dual focus on satisfying market needs and maintaining financial stability. QuantumWise will have a leaner organization than Atomistix, but we will continue to provide a steady stream of new improved products, made possible partly through partnerships with leading academic groups. The first result of these collaborations will be the release of a semi-empirical simulation package, ATK-SemiEmpirical, which will enable simulations of systems with many thousands of atoms. This package builds on new, innovative algorithms and inherent memory parallelism, and these new algorithms will also be ported to the ATK-DFT package during 2009.

It is very exciting to be back working with commercial atomic-scale modeling tools! All employees of QuantumWise are driven by a passion for atomic-scale modeling, and our focus is to be able to offer leading products for atomic-scale modeling for a broad audience.

In March 2009 we will be visiting the American Physical Societies annual meeting in Pittsburgh, and I am very much looking forward to meet old Atomistix customers and partners there, or elsewhere!


Best regards,

Dr. Kurt Stokbro

CEO, Founder

QuantumWise A/S

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